Best Upward Christian Dating App Review 2023

Explore the latest reviews of the Upward Christian Dating App for 2023. Dive deep into its unique features, faith-focused matchmaking, user experiences, pros, cons, and whether it’s the right choice for your Christian dating journey.

Upward: Christian Dating App Review
Upward: Christian Dating App Review

Ratings 4.2

Total Reviews: 2.5 k

Upward Christian Dating App

Upward is extra than only a relationship app; it is a religion-primarily based community devoted to connecting Christian singles of their pursuit of significant relationships. With a commitment to Christian values and religion-focused matchmaking, Upward is designed to help you find a companion who stocks your beliefs and values, making it a super choice for Christians looking for love and companionship. Here are the best reviews of Upward Christian Dating App.

Upward Christian Dating App Reviews: overview

App NameUpward: Christian Dating App
PublisherAffinity Apps, LLC
First Version 1.0
Last Updated Version 4.14.1
Store Name App Store & Google Play Store
Current Ratings 4.2
Total Reviews2.5k
Upward Christian Dating App Reviews: overview

What is the Upward Christian Dating App about?

The Upward Christian relationship App is a platform wherein Christian singles can join, interact, and construct significant relationships grounded in faith and shared beliefs. It objectives to provide a secure and welcoming surroundings for people to explore romantic connections with others who prioritize their Christian religion. Upward offers capabilities and gear mainly tailored to the desires and values of Christian daters.

Free version of Upward Christian Dating App

The loose version of the Upward Christian dating App affords a welcoming access into the arena of religion-based totally on line relationship. It permits you to discover and enjoy the app’s middle capabilities, including faith-primarily based matchmaking, get entry to to day by day devotionals, and connection with the Christian singles’ community. even as some superior features can also require a top rate subscription, the unfastened version offers a precious possibility to start your adventure towards meaningful relationships grounded in shared Christian ideals. it’s a awesome manner to get commenced at the direction to locating love and companionship inside a faith-centered context.

Upward Christian Dating App Key Features:

Upward comes equipped with an array of features that cater to Christian singles looking for love and companionship:

  • Faith-Based Matchmaking: Upward uses faith-based compatibility metrics to match you with potential partners who share your Christian values and beliefs.
  • Prayer and Devotionals: The app offers tools for prayer and daily devotionals, fostering spiritual growth and connection between users.
  • Community and Events: Join Christian singles’ events and connect with like-minded individuals in your local area or virtually.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Upward prioritizes safety and moderation to ensure a respectful and uplifting dating experience.
  • Messaging and Connection: Communicate with potential matches and build connections through secure and private messaging.

How much does it cost?

Upward offers a free down load and fundamental capability, permitting customers to discover the app’s functions and community. For stronger abilities and top class features, Upward offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $39.99. top rate membership alternatives consist of a month-to-month subscription for $39.99 according to month or an annual subscription for $299.99, offering get admission to to advanced matchmaking and communication equipment.

Upward Christian Dating App Pros and Cons


  • Faith-focused matchmaking ensures compatibility in core beliefs.
  • Daily devotionals and prayer tools promote spiritual connection.
  • Active Christian singles’ community with events and gatherings.
  • A safe and respectful environment for dating and building relationships.
  • User-friendly interface and secure messaging.


  • Some superior capabilities may require a subscription.
  • The app’s awareness on faith may additionally restriction its attraction to non-religious people.
  • Occasional updates can be vital for computer virus fixes and improvements.

Is it worth it?

Upward is well worth considering in case you’re a Christian single searching out a religion-targeted courting experience. The app’s religion-based totally matchmaking, devotionals, and supportive community offer a completely unique platform for folks who prioritize their Christian values in their pursuit of affection and companionship. With a unfastened download and on hand features, Upward gives an possibility to explore its offerings and determine if it aligns together with your relationship desires.

Upward Dating App Special Highlights

Upward goes the greater mile to beautify your Christian dating journey:

  • Faith-Focused Compatibility: Upward’s matchmaking set of rules prioritizes faith compatibility, ensuring a sturdy foundation for capacity relationships.
  • Prayer and Non Secular Increase: get admission to daily devotionals and prayer gear to deepen your reference to religion and capability matches.
  • Network and Events: interact with fellow Christian singles thru local events, gatherings, and digital meetups.

Frequently Asked Questions: Upward Dating App

Conclusion: Upward Dating App Review

In conclusion, Upward stands as a faith-centered dating app that offers Christian singles a platform to connect, date, and build meaningful relationships rooted in their shared faith. With its unique faith-based matchmaking, daily devotionals, and supportive community, Upward provides a distinctive and valuable dating experience for those who prioritize their Christian values. Explore Upward today and take the first step towards finding love and companionship within a Christian context.

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